Hors d’oeuvre

  • Selection of the finest Varzi cold cuts
  • Roasted octopus served on chorizo sauce with finely chopped zucchini and crunchy wafer
  • Citrus-scented ricotta pie with orange flower wheat cream, savoury biscuit and sunflower seeds
  • PDO Parma ham with figs, stracciatella cheese, melon pearls and small flatbread
  • Quinoa balls with vegetables served on tomato and basil coulisse

First Courses

  • Old fashioned Milanese risotto with saffron and beef bone-marrow sauce
  • Green ravioli filled with shrimp and ricotta cheese, served with milk cream and pomegranate drops
  • Square shaped spaghetti with red tuna, cherry tomatoes, olives and capperi
  • Homemade egg pasta (chitarrine) with duck ragout and vegetable brunoise
  • Tube-shaped pasta with basil-scented vegetable and pine nut ragout

First and Main Courses served together

  • Braised veal shank served with Milanese risotto
  • Roasted loin of veal served with Milanese risotto
  • Durum wheat fregola pasta with saffron, vegetables, sautéed squids, shrimps and gilt-head bream

Main Courses

  • Milanese breaded veal cutlet with seasonal vegetables
  • Bavarian beef sirloin with grilled vegetables
  • Rudderfish fillet served with cooked vegetable salad, basil velvety and Taggiasca olive powder
  • Salmon tartare with creole salad, pico de gallo, avocado cream and savoury biscuit
  • Celeriac cutlets and vegetable spaghetti with ginger
  • Selection of Italian Cheeses


  • Dark chocolate lava cake flavored with Bronte pistachios served with custard cream
  • Traditional Italian tiramisù
  • White peach Bavarese with passion fruit and strawberry coulisse
  • Hazelnut and raisin muffin with pineapple, strawberries and berries

Our Chef has always been very careful for all the needs of those who suffer from allergies,food intolerances or that have chosen to not eat certain dishes. In this case, we would kindly ask you to inform our staff that is waiting your needs, he would be happy to propose custom dishes and always Fancy.