Hors d’oeuvre

  • Selection of the finest Varzi cold cuts
  • Freshwater fish tempura
  • Grilled Mortara goose sausage served with cabbage jam, mustard flavored pumpkin and buckwheat chips
  • Cardoon flan with alpine-pasture cheese fondue, bagna càuda and toasted hazelnuts
  • Curcuma flavored potato and pumpkin millefeuille, served with vegetable mousse and sweet-and-sour red onion petals

First Courses

  • Old fashioned Milanese risotto with saffron and beef bone-marrow sauce
  • Violet colored potato dumplings with sturgeon, olives and saffron
  • Roe-deer ravioli with chestnut cream, mushrooms and sweet garlic cream
  • Homemade tagliolini pasta with hare and pomegranate ragout
  • Barley soup with chickpeas and Jerusalem artichoke chips

First and Main Courses served together

  • Braised veal shank served with Milanese risotto
  • Roasted loin of veal served with Milanese risotto
  • Cassoeula, typical Milanese recipe with pork rinds, ribs and sausages along with cabbage, served with polenta and a grappa shot

Main Courses

  • Milanese breaded veal cutlet with seasonal vegetables
  • Bavarian beef sirloin with radicchio sautéed in butter and truffle
  • Alpine char fillet with sautéed potatoes and porcini mushrooms in sweet garlic and parsley sauce
  • Plum and speck pork fillet with potato pie
  • Chickpea burger with mint-sautéed artichokes, toasted almonds and liquorice wafer
  • Selection of Italian Cheeses


  • Chocolate cake with a white chocolate heart served with custard cream
  • Our version of Tiramisù
  • Tea Indian Chai flavored crème brûlée
  • “Cocco d’Autunno” Buckwheat biscuit, coconut milk jelly, walnut crumble and a fruit jams

Our Chef has always been very careful for all the needs of those who suffer from allergies,food intolerances or that have chosen to not eat certain dishes. In this case, we would kindly ask you to inform our staff that is waiting your needs, he would be happy to propose custom dishes and always Fancy.