Cafè El Brellin

Drink, music and art

On the ground floor, Caffè d’ElBrellin faces directly onto the Alzaia Naviglio Grande.

Caffè d’ElBrellin is used as a private room of the restaurant during lunchtime and it can seat up to 20 guests comfortably with various table placements available depending on your needs.

Starting at 6 p.m., Caffè d’ElBrellin serves fabulous aperitifs with a view over the Naviglio Grande and with the arrival of sunny weather, aperitifs are served on the Alzaia and Vicolo dei Lavandai. The maximum capacity for private aperitifs is 35 guests.

There are also special evenings dedicated to art and jazz to ensure special moments.


Every Thursday evening from 9 pm to midnight there is Live Jazz – don’t miss it!